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Saskatoon and surrounding area is an active and thriving community, young in heart and spirit. Our goal at Thrive Muscle Health & Wellness is to keep your muscles and mind in tune with that. We do more than fix the symptoms, we do our best to find the source of the pain, instability, stress, or dysfunction. With a wide variety of treatment styles, modalities, and techniques specialized in amongst our Registered Massage Therapists, we are certain that a carefully conducted treatment plan can find you results that last.

Located within a functional fitness facility, our therapists’ focus is to keep you active, moving, and doing the things you love! While the atmosphere at Freedom is uplifting and energizing, we do our best to keep the environment at Thrive restful and calming. Please be aware we are located on the lower level of Freedom, and the stairs to our offices are part of the package. We hope you enjoy your therapies at Thrive Muscle Health & Wellness.

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What We Do:

Registered Massage Therapy

All of our Massage Therapists are Registered either by the Massage Therapists Association of Saskatchewan (MTAS) or the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). Both groups are covered by most Saskatchewan health insurance and benefit plans. Massage therapy efficiently treats pain, dysfunction, adhesion, or restriction in muscles, joints, and the circulatory system. It also helps ease mental and emotional stress or tension. Our therapists are confident working with injuries and rehabilitation from head to toe, as well as with general maintenance of health and well being.

Clients may choose from deep tissue (therapeutic), relaxation (gentle techniques with general outcomes), and prenatal massage with all our RMT’s.

myoFascial Cupping Technique

‘The Myofascial Cupping technique provides profound benefits for clients, particularly with assisting the body in maintaining range of motion, eliminating Myofascial Trigger Points and reducing restrictive and sometimes painful fascial adhesions commonly found from repetitive movement originating from sports and the workplace. By reducing fascial adhesions, while encouraging optimal hydration levels of soft tissue, Myofascial Cupping can assist in reducing the incidence of injury and maintaining functional soft tissue.’

Although Cupping Therapy is often viewed as an intimidating treatment- leaving circular bruises as evidence- it is actually quite gentle and causes little pain in the treatment itself, and when done properly, requiring little to no recovery time post-treatment. It also leaves the client with immediate gains in range of motion, mobility, and movement patterns. It can be modified to be less or more intense, depending on the severity of the tissue tension, and depending on the stage we are at in working with our client’s injury/condition. We recommend it to anyone suffering specifically from chronic pain or reduced movement patterns.

Myofascial Release Therapy

‘Trauma, inflammatory responses, and/or surgical procedures create Myofascial restrictions that can produce tensile pressures of approximately 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain sensitive structures that do not show up in many of the standard tests (…)

The medical approach is to drug patients so they temporarily are free from pain, but does nothing about the (source) that is causing the pain. This is why so many patients only have temporary results never seeming to get better with traditional therapy. Myofascial Release treats the entire Myofascial mind/body complex, eliminating the pressure of the restricted Myofascial system (the straight-jacket) that causes the symptoms.’


‘Graston Technique® (GT) therapy is an evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) that allows for precise detection and treatment of myofascial dysfunction. Following the kinetic chain, GT therapy Providers can target and specifically treat affected tissues often resolving issues once thought to be permanent, utilizing specifically designed instruments.’

Fascial Stretch Therapy

Eric is a Certified Level 1 Stretch to Win™ Fascial Stretch Therapist. ‘Fascial Stretch Therapy is a full body treatment done on a padded massage table with the client fully clothed in loose and comfortable clothing. It is a pain-free, gain-guarantee session that will take your joints a series of passive movements through the fascial line’s full range capability. This treatment takes your movement patterns, mobility, function, and strength to new levels.’

Who should consider STWFST?

  • Those with chronic back pain

  • Those who workout

  • Those who play sports

  • Those rehabbing an injury


Hot Stone Therapy is a beautiful addition to any of your regular Massage Therapy sessions- both therapeutic or relaxation. Balsic stones with soft rounded edges are heated naturally with hot water, and within your temperature tolerance, are applied to the muscles and soft tissue to bring circulation to the area, vasodilate the vessels, bring oxygen and nutrient flow in to the area, and increase toxin flow out of the area. Jill’s technique keeps the stones moving with the pressure of her hands over the stones, breaking down adhered or restricted tissues, and releasing pain and tension quickly and easily. Therapeutic results can be achieved in a shorter period of time with less pain for the client. If relaxation is the goal, this gentle therapeutic heat is the answer.

"The Massage Therapists at Thrive are absolutely excellent at what they do. (…) Patients rave about how awesome they feel after their treatments."

- Dr. Kayla Lucas


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